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Encore, the next generation of eye tracking.


Binocular and monocular with one eye tracking camera


OEM solution for your creative applications

Assistive Technology

Stay connected to the world with your eyes

Built for Researchers

What makes us different is our commitment to providing researchers with only the highest quality data.


Subject-Subject Robustness

Robust eye tracking data on the highest percentage of your participants


Subject-to-subject reliability

Consistency across subject pool


Study-to-study Consistency

Consistent and gaze data throughout your study


Highly Accurate & Precise

Superior point to point accuracy and overall bias


15 Second Calibration

Setup is easy and calibration takes only 15 seconds.


Various Visualizations & Quantitative Analyses

A suite of visualizations and metrics to select from

Eyegaze Inc. eye trackers are hands-off and unobtrusive, providing highly accurate eye movement and gaze point prediction. Quick calibration, high reliability, and consistent tracking are some of the key features of our eye trackers. Our software solutions include our SDK for developers, data collection and analysis suite, and third party extensions.

From the experts..

Our technologies are being used in research, national defense, gaming and sports, virtual worlds, assistive communication, patient-doctor communication, and more.

“Eyegaze Edge is a robust and sophisticated system, providing highly accurate eye tracking. The team are very supportive, and available to discuss needs and applications.”

Miles Warren, pyka, wearepyka.com

“Top scores on the whole experience with LC Technologies. From the superior equipment, to the knowledgeable and helpful staff. Will recommend LC Technologies to everyone we know.”

Dale Boyd

plus 91 other universities and marketing firms…

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