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The World's Most Loved

Eyegaze System

  • Runs Any Application
  • Internet Access
  • Controls Smart Homes
  • Very Low Eye Fatigue
  • Connect to A Smart Phone
  • Fastest Calibration

Stay connected to the world and more with Eyegaze. 1-800-EYEGAZE

Eyegaze User Experience

SLPs: Simple to train

OEM integration

Regain your ability to interact with society and use computers with a glance of your eye. You can easily type, control a computer, control home automation and make and receive calls with the Eyegaze Edge® Communication System.

Less than 15 second calibration. User friendly setup. Simple training videos and documentaiton. The Eyegeaze Edge® is a robust, accurate, and easy-to-use system. Designed for multiple locked-in diagnoses with over 30 years of R&D.

For over 30 years, we have built our Eyegaze Edge® to meet the needs of companies interested in integrating our world class Eyetracking hardware and software into their products.

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  • Simple to use
  • On-site training
  • Training and support for caregivers
  • Flexible mounting systems
  • Free support
  • One year warranty

Everything you need to know

Important questions to ask before buying an Eyegaze system

Not all Eyegaze Systems are the same!

  • Can people like me use the Eyegaze?
  • What are Eyegaze users doing?
  • Will your Eyegaze system ensure my comfort throughout the day?
  • Will your Eyegaze system work with my unique eyes and droopy eyelids over time?

Experience the best!

Internationally trusted and locally loved, our Eyegaze Edge® continues to be the device of choice by locked-in users and their SLPs. Giving them peace of mind by reclaiming their independence.

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