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The World's leading

Eyegaze System

  • Runs any application
  • Controls Smart Homes
  • Very low eye fatigue

Stay connected with the world and more with Eyegaze. 1-800-EYEGAZE

Your world a glance away

Your loved one empowered

SLPs: Simple to train

Engineered and built in the U.S.A

regain your ability to interact with society and use computers with a glance of your eyes you can easily type, control a computer, control home automation and make and receive calls.

Empower your loved ones to be independent again, gift them the gift of a voice and allow them the freedom to accomplish communication, computer control and much more.

Our system is so easy to use that you can setup the system out of the box and have an eyegaze user calibrated in under 10 mins! SLPs love the training videos and documentaiton provided.

For over 30 years, we have built our Eyegaze Edge® in the united States of America. Interested in integrating our world class Eyetracking hardware? Contact us for more details.

  • Simple to use
  • On-site training
  • Training and support for caregivers
  • Flexible mounting systems
  • Free support
  • Full year warranty

Everything you need to know

Important questions to ask before you buy an Eyegaze system.

Not all Eyegaze Systems are the same!

  • Can people like me use the Eyegaze Edge?
  • What are Eyegaze Edge users doing?
  • Will you eyegaze system ensure my comfort throughout the day?
  • Will your eyegaze system work with my unique eyes and droopy eyelids over time?

Experience the best!

Internationally trusted, locally loved - our Eyegaze Edge® continues to be the device of choice for locked in users. Enabling them the peace of mind in reclaiming their independence.