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Eyeworld World 3.0 is the flagship software designed by LC Technologies for adults, it’s your portal to access computer functionality and communication. Included within this suite is almost everything a user would need to do modern computer interactions: Chat, Mail, Phone Text/Calling, Computer Control, Environmental Controls and much more.

Computer Access Eyegaze Edge® Links turns the Eyegaze Edge into wireless peripheral keyboard and mouse interface to any Windows or Mac computer or any other device which can be controlled with a USB keyboard and mouse. Typed text appears simultaneously on the screens of both the Eyegaze and the device being controlled..

UUIRT Environmental Control along with Eyeworld 3.0, allows your PC to both receive and transmit infrared signals — exactly like those used by the collection of remote controls you’ve acquired for your TV, VCR, Audio System, etc.

Eyegaze Edge Endurance Pack Provides additional battery power for Eyegaze users who are often away from power sockets, can extend your Eyegaze communication system’s duration time by up to 15 hours!

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