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LC Technologies works with medicare, medicaid and private insurance. We know that navigating the various channels of insurance can be confusing and frustrating. There are many criteria insurance companies implement for funding speech generating devices. We are here to help, LC Technologies has a dedicated advocate to work on your behalf and ensure you receive the maximum available benefits.

As there are many different insurance providers, there are many different levels of coverage, all independent of the particular plan through your employer, or state specific Medicaid. In order to get an accurate estimate of your financial responsibility to purchase a device, further inquiries will need made. Please complete and return the following documents to the office for specific plan benefits.

Please make a clear copy of your insurance card both front and back and include with your submitted documents.

Retain for your Records:

  • Privacy Practices
  • DMEPOS Standards

In order to move forward with an insurance funded device, there are two critical components needed, regardless of which insurance you have. These documents  need to be completed and forwarded to the Funding Manger. In some instances, insurance companies require a Prior Authorization before the purchase of a Speech Generating Device, and these medical documents will need to be forwarded to the clinical department as well:

  1. SLP report
  2. Physician Prescription

Cathy Fahmi

Funding Manager
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